Album by Maroon 5
New Album

Written in The Stars

  • Record Label

    Blackmas Music

  • Release Date

    October 2020


Written in The Stars

By Keane
15 Songs - 53 Min - 2016

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South Coast Entertainment is an independent record label based out of Dallas, TX, that primarily focuses on music genres around Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B, Pop, and Latin. We provide superior quality recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and sound production services to take your music to the next level. Here, at SCE, we help promote and market individual artists through digital platforms to improve sales by reaching a broader audience and have the opportunity to expand their brand.

South Coast Entertainment is artist-driven and fan-focused with paramount opportunities of networking within the industry. We offer Recording/Editing/Mixing/Mastering packages at affordable prices to give artists/musicians a chance to turn their creative ideas into a professional, creative, sound. Quality, efficiency, and authenticity is what SCE thrives on when it comes to getting the most out of an artist/musician/engineer.

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Record each instrument/vocal individually multiple times to build the song.



Build the song from creativity through instruments and vocals.



Balancing and processing each audio track in the session through EQ & Compression to build that dynamic sound.



Enhancing the certain sonic elements of the mix to make it more dynamic and add stereo enhancement.



Promote music through digital platforms such as social media.


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